My Approach

I began practicing massage therapy in 2008 after being unfulfilled working at a desk. I really wanted to follow my passion for helping people. Since then I am proud to say that I strive every day to achieve that goal.

Every client is unique so, each treatment that I give is individually designed based off of the information I am given through communication and what I discover through palpation of the tissue, postural assessment and range of motion testing.

I believe massage therapy is a beneficial part of your regular health care routine. The treatments I provide may include John Barnes Myofascial Release, sports massage techniques, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, Swedish massage, cupping, hot stone massage and energy work such as reiki. When I feel like my client may need more care than massage, I am happy to recommend other health care professionals I trust in. 

My journey to teach yoga began with an intense frustration of not being able to tell clients how they can improve the quality of their lives beyond massage therapy. I knew that I wanted to teach people how to move their bodies to help break the cycle of pain. From personal experience, I know the vast benefits of a regular yoga practice. I, myself have struggled with debilitating pain and can attest to the wonders of healing from within. I wanted to share this knowledge of self empowerment with others that may be struggling to get through just one more day. 

The style of class you should expect to see from me will be one of gentle guidance to find your own unique healing powers. With support and encouragement you will be led through a series of asanas (poses) which will build strength of mind and body. It is my mission to give you the tools to succeed on your own path of self discovery.

Let the journey begin!

Next Steps...

MKE Massage and Bodywork provides professional massage therapy and supportive yoga classes.