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“Balance is the key to harmony.”

Living in a modern world we are surrounded by the constant stresses of life. Let me help ease that stress by bringing my corporate wellness program to your meeting, work-space or event.

As a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga teacher, I am able to transform your office to a respite from the daily grind by providing rejuvenating yoga and meditation classes, therapeutic chair or table massage and pain relieving Myofascial Release.

For more information and a quote, please email me so that we can devise a plan that best suit your needs.

Benefits of corporate wellness:

  • Increased productivity: 15 minutes of chair massage have been shown to help employees be more alert, solve problems and think creatively.
  • Reduced absenteeism: Stress is one of the leading causes of employees calling in sick and providing onsite chair massage and exercise classes reduces employee stress and anxiety.
  • Reduced health care costs: Workplace stress is also a common reason for doctor’s visits. By reducing stress, chair massage can help prevent those visits and save money for you and your employees.
  • Increase employee retention and recruitment: The employment market is competitive and it can be challenging to attract and retain top talent. Employee perks like chair massage and yoga as part of a wellness program help to make your company stand out from the rest.
  • Boost morale and job satisfaction: Wellness programs promote a culture of well being and makes employees happy.on: Wellness programs promote a culture of well being and makes employees happy.